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No-code virtual agent, integration engine, and automation builder


Meet Aimee, your AI assistant.


Bring Conversational Automation to your organisation and provide a self-service experience that engages, drives up adoption and frees up your service teams.

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning and its Neural Network, Aimee allows your users to talk how they want, in their preferred language. Aimee doesn't get sick, doesn't take time off and is available to your users 24/7, whether they're in the office, at home or on the move.


What is

It's become the norm for employees to submit and manage tickets across multiple systems.

dataServe® changes the norm: it's a single, modern and easy to use website for all self-service needs across all teams and systems. It uses AI search and its Virtual Agent Aimee to get users to their solution quickly and accurately. When a service landscape is complex, it complicates self-service. Ensure a frictionless support experience with dataServe®.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



remote working.

Increase self-service adoption.

Reduce resolution times.

Increase customer satisfaction.


We rely on our colleagues, customers and suppliers to perform a work management role: they need to submit tickets for issues and requests, we expect them to check various portals and answer our questions regularly, and we want them to solve their own issues with self-help resources. But many modern businesses don't do this well.

dataServe® simplifies the process. Integrating with your company's service portals, dataServe® presents users with a single, modern, and intuitive website. Imagine, one screen that takes care of all ticket submission, approvals, self-help, and more, regardless of your service environment's complexity.


Gamify self-service and drive up adoption.


dataServe® awards points and badges to users based on the actions they carry out.


Friendly competition increases self-service take up - and when you throw in a monthly prize draw for your top users, you'll find a bottle of champagne goes a long way in shifting attention away from the phone and email to self-service. It's a little bit of fun that truly impacts user behaviour. Your first line teams will thank you.

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AI: the future of self-service, now.

With dataServe®, there are no complex category trees to navigate, just a single intelligent search bar and integrated Virtual Agent that get users to the self-help articles and videos they need.


dataServe® uses Artificial Intelligence to locate the right resources quickly. Learning from colleagues' searches within each "persona", dataServe® uses a Machine Learning model to accurately assist, contextually.


Accurate search results drive up self-service and self-help, reduce strain on first-line teams and improve customer satisfaction.


Automate, anything.

dataServe® is more than a portal. It's a powerful automation tool that integrates with any application, automating complex and time-consuming tasks. Using its native "no-code" integration builder, dataServe® allows non-developers to set up powerful workflows in minutes.

If your service teams are spending their time resetting passwords, managing user access and carrying out other manual, repetitive tasks, free up their schedule and allow them to do the jobs no one else can with dataServe®.


We understand the unique challenges faced by colleges and universities with staff and students juggling many systems during their daily working and learning lives.


With library systems, online learning, student services, and accommodation portals, the service offerings of higher education establishments rival the complexity of even the world's largest enterprises. 


With special educational pricing available, now's the time to see how dataServe® can help your establishment reach out and support those working and learning remotely.


Integrate, out of the box.


dataServe® integrates natively with top service management systems and knowledge bases including BMC's industry-leading IT service management tool: Remedyforce.

When Remedyforce customers' needs change, we're often asked how a multi-channel AI capability can benefit their users. With dataServe® and its Virtual Agent, Aimee, we're injecting new life into Remedyforce, allowing forward-thinking customers to keep the ITSM solution they know and love, avoid expensive migration costs to other systems and provide a self-service experience that's beyond IT and beyond now.


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