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Blogs, blogs, blogs and why customers are so important (not just because they pay the bills)

It's been a busy 6 months and admittedly my blogging has ground to a halt. So, I've now put in a recurring reminder to post each week. So, lots more insight into our brand, feature roadmap and upcoming events will be published - and on a more regular basis. If you have any topic ideas, drop me a note. The next post will be about the conversations we have with prospects and customers and how they feed into our roadmap.

As dataServe designer, I spend ALL of my time thinking about our current feature set and coming up with new ideas about how we can disrupt the traditional (and boring) self-service landscape with our product. And even with all of that thinking time + internal meetings with our developers, architects and support teams, our customers never fail to think of a unique feature to add to our roadmap.

Our customers are part of our journey - not just because they pay the bills, but because they actively contribute to our product. And the great thing about dataServe being a relatively new product is that if a customer has a great idea, we'll probably develop it. The more established brands have an ideas "bin" filled with thousands of ideas. Will they get round to your idea any time soon? Probably not. When they do, will they approve it? Probably not.

If you're after intelligent, AI driven self-service for your users and want to partner with a company that actually listens to you, drop me an email. I'd love to speak to you about dataServe and how you can shape its future.

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