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Automating Universities

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

What do all large companies and universities have in common? Untapped automation potential!

Usually, the solution to "how do we support 100,000 people and 1 million tickets a year" is:

- "Hire more people!!"

- "Erm, what if we could just convince people to wait longer?"

- "I've ran out of ideas..."

Providing accurate information quickly to your students and user community is key to fostering a self-service ethos which reduces ticket numbers. And what about the requests that need to be fulfilled somehow? Like creating some records in a database? Well if you're paying a team of people to do nothing but that, then you're wasting their potential.

Automate those processes and get the team to do what they actually want to do - like build software, provide training, and face-to-face support.

dataServe was created specifically for this purpose. Here's a link to a webinar that I hosted recently.

Challenge us to free the un-tapped potential of your service teams. They deserve it, don't they?

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