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Hi, Aimee! Pleased to meet you!

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

dataServe's chatbot has been around for a while, but we hadn't really got round to giving it a proper name. "The chatbot" just didn't do it justice. So, after some thought, I'm pleased to introduce you to Aimee.

The name is a combination of "AI" + "Aim" + "me". Clever right? Not as clever as Aimee!

If you're looking for conversational automation, Aimee does it all:

Let's say you've got a form you'd like your users to complete. Aimee will walk through the questions with the user.

And if you want the user to respond with a date and time, Aimee's quite happy to receive "tomorrow at, erm... I think noon". Makes no difference, Aimee will work it out.

Maybe you've got a long picklist of items? No need for the user to scroll through. Just enter some text and Aimee will find the closest item.

But what about languages? Aimee knows them all. Start the chat in English and decide to switch to French? Pas de problème!

Got a nice knowledge article Aimee's found? Aimee can post the solution in the chat - no need to open it up.

But, what if I don't want to type? Well, talk to Aimee using your favourite speech to text program. Oh, and Aimee will speak back to you too if you prefer. Great for people with accessibility needs.

And it's all wrapped up in a modern and exciting user interface that's completely configurable. Aimee's also fully integrated into dataServe's AI Search component. I find chatbots in popups are pretty old fashioned now...

Lots of fun, but also some very useful conversational automation features which represent the future of AI-assisted self-service. People are sick of boring self-service portals. They just don't use them - easier to email or pick up the phone. Give people self-service they like and they'll actually use it.

Welcome to the team, Aimee!

Matt - your creator...

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