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Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Some estimates put average self-service adoption as low as 5%. Over the years we have pushed this number up to between 50-75% through a combination of business change projects and software implementations.

Without adopting self-service, self-help and automation principles, organisations are unnecessarily handling hundreds of thousands of tickets annually.

But where do you start? How do you automate service requests and what if your current portals and service management systems just aren't up to the job?

dataServe is transforming the way service management is done by enabling self-help, automation and the crowd-sourcing of solutions, drastically reducing the strain on service teams and improving the support experience for thousands of users. And all while keeping your existing service management systems in place.

Our virtual agent, Aimee, handles thousands of concurrent requests, solves issues, provides answers to questions, links to useful resources and fires off powerful automations.

Stop fire-fighting and start proving a service management experience that your end users expect with dataServe and Aimee.

Want a 30-day free trial? Message me to get started!

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