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What are your service management goals for 2023?

As we've entered the new year, I'm sure you've come up with a few new year's resolutions! Me? Well I want to:

- Release my alternative rock album (check us out!

- Lose a few (!) pounds

But what about your business goals? If you're in service management you might be wondering how you can:

- Reduce the number of tickets your service teams have to handle

- Better SLA attainment, fewer breaches

- Improve customer sentiment: "Wow, the IT team's great!"

dataServe is an intelligent software tool that enables large organisations and universities to achieve all the above and more.

To explain how, what do the following have in common?

- Quick and accurate knowledge article searching

- Automated service request fulfilment

- Virtual agent to answer queries

Well, they all simply result in fewer tickets making their way to service teams. That's the key to achieving your service management goals; issues and requests are resolved within the self-service portal. Your teams will be able to spend more time on the tickets that actually need their expert attention. Your customers are able to solve issues themselves within minutes, instead of hours or days. Everyone's happy :)

dataServe integrates with any system with an API, so you can serve data (see what I did there?) to your user base from any system - you're no longer tied to the capabilities of your (possibly tired and poorly configured) ITSM system.

Get in touch to talk to me further or to book in a demo or free trial.

See you later!

Matt (dataServe Designer, Head of Pre-Sales, and (soon to be) Rock Star)

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